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These Golfers Attended GMS Wanting To Break 100

"A Wonderful Learning Experience!"

"Expect To See Us Again Soon!"


Thank you for a wonderful learning experience and a great time this week. Julie and I learned a lot and have an even greater thirst for the game of golf. You are a great instructor, providing insight and fun. 
Below are my professional contact information and our personal email accounts.
Again, thank you and expect to see us again soon for further learning.  
Tick tock, not tick TOCK!
Danny M – Sacramento, California
Attended Lake Tahoe area - GMS Golf School Location on July 22, 2011
Email sent to GMS on July 24, 2011
“I Improved 12 Strokes!"

"And My Golf Swing Is Still Improving!"



I took the GMS program over Memorial Day weekend in Washington DC.  I’ve resisted writing because I wanted to be sure the huge improvement I saw during class was real.

Now I’m sure it is. Just focusing on pace of swing and length of swing has changed my entire golf game.
My average over the two months after the class is 12 strokes better than it was the two months before GMS and my golf swing is still improving.  My handicap will continue to improve and I’m eager to extend the season into the fall.  The GMS program is perfectly suited for Golfers like me.

Thank you,

Rich L – Washington DC
Attended Washington DC - Virginia Golf School on May 27, 2011
Email sent to GMS on July 22, 2011
“The GMS Teaching Method Was The Best!”

"I Would Recommend GMS To Anyone!"



I just returned from GMS with your Instructor Alan Brennan.

My son and I had a great time and learned a lot.  The GMS teaching method was the best I have ever experienced.  The way Alan started us with explanations on the proper way to strike the golf ball, and then giving us drills to build a better golf swing was awesome.

Our time on the course with him, learning to plan and play the course was a great benefit for myself and my son.  I would recommend GMS to anyone desiring to learn the "game of golf".
I can't speak highly enough of your organization.  It has only been a pleasure with each of my encounters with members of your organization.  I truly enjoyed myself and look forward to booking my next adventure with GMS.

Steven S – Rockford, Illinois
Attended Lake Geneva, Wisconsin - GMS Golf School Location on July 11, 2011
Email sent to GMS on July 13, 2011
Unable To Break 100 Before GMS - I Just Shot A 91!

“I Won 1st Place”


Attention GMS ...... I came to your school in Florida in February 2011 unable to break 100 after starting to hit golf balls in August 2010.

However, last week I entered my first tournament and won 1st place. My friend Earl who came to see you in March on my recommendation came in 2nd place.


Seems GMS really works!

I shot a 91 with a 25 handicap and he shot 79 with a 12 handicap. My handicap for the July review will be down to about 20.

George K – Kingston, Jamaica
Attended GMS Golf Schools In Boca Raton, Florida on February 25, 2011
Email sent to GMS on July 7, 2011
"An Amazing And Extremely Talented Golf Instructor!"

“I Feel Very Confident!"


Dear Alex,

I am sitting here in the Hotel Almenara after completing the last day of my 3 day GMS course with Scott. I have been incredibly lucky to have had 3 days with an amazing and extremely talented Golf Instructor.

The GMS way of teaching was clear, precise and thought provoking. I previously had spent many thousands of Francs on golf instruction and I found there are too many monkeys around.

I feel very confident that I will be able to recognize what I am doing wrong and workout how to fix it.

There is no doubt that I will come back again for second helpings.

Many thanks for the excellent organization, and thank you for my login and password to the GMS drills.

Kind regards,

Barbara D – Basel, Switzerland
Attended Alicante, Spain - GMS Golf School Location on July 1, 2011
Email sent to GMS on July 3, 2011
"We Have Both Gotten Significantly Better!"

“My Handicap Has Improved From A 22 To A 13!”

A year and a half ago, my wife and I attended GMS at your Phoenix location. We both became instant fans and improved. 6 months ago, my wife went back to take the course again. The bottom line here is that we have both gotten significantly better as a result of attending GMS.

My handicap has improved from a 22 to a 13 and trending lower. Yesterday I shot a 76, which I have now done 3 times. A really good day for me is now in the 70's; a bad day - 86 or 87. Not bad for a former 22 handicap.

My wife shot a 91 yesterday and a 93 a couple of weeks ago. While her average may be right around 100, she is getting better all the time. Today she even birdied a par 5.

At any rate, we tell lots of people about how good GMS is and how helpful it could be for lots of folks. Don't know if you've gotten any more business from it, but at least as true believers, we try.

Thanks so much for a great school and for improving our golf game. It's a lot more fun now.


Jim & Diana S – Chandler, Arizona
Attended on February 5, 2010
Email sent to GMS on June 29, 2011
“The GMS Experience Was Fantastic!”

"Intense, Fun, Informative!"


I have just gone through an intense, fun, informative 3 days in La Quinta, California at the Silver Rock Golf Club.  The experience was fantastic!

In addition I met three other wonderful people with the same goal as I had, namely getting better at the game we love!  Jill, Lucy, and Jeff were really enjoyable to be with.

Thanks to Marc for developing such a solid program and for having your Instructor, James and I'm sure others, who make the experience fun.

Harvey S – Ventura, California
Attended Golf Schools in Indian Wells, California by Golf Made Simple on May 23, 2011
Email sent to GMS on May 26, 2011
“My Golf Game Has Improved Dramatically!”

"My Drives Were Great, My Iron Shots Were Right On and My Chips Fantastic!"


Sam -

I wanted to express my appreciation for your instruction this week.  I especially like your frank and honest feedback.  We played yesterday and my drives were great, my iron shots were right on and my chips fantastic.  Four days ago, I couldn’t have said anything good about my game.

I pared a few holes which includes a par 5 that I played perfectly - (drive, 5 iron, chip, 2 putts).  That said, my golf game has improved dramatically.  I was nailing the putts, and have tremendous confidence in my driving ability.

You are a great instructor - you kept it fun, but it was hard work.  I’ll forever see your face when I miss a putt short.  Thanks for caring so much about us and for giving 110% into making me a better golfer!

Mark E - Edina, Minnesota
Attended GMS Golf Schools In Boca Raton, Florida on February 7, 2011
Email sent to GMS on February 11, 2011
“3 Days With GMS Has Made Me Love Golf!”

"It Was A Great Experience!"


Hi Marc!   I just wanted to tell you how much Richard and I enjoyed GMS and LOVE Samuel!   You are lucky to have him as an Instructor!  I have just been playing golf 2 years, had one clinic and some private lessons, but none of that made me love playing golf like the 3 days with GMS!

I now look forward to this summer playing with Richard and hopefully a women's regular game, and of course doing all the drills indoors all winter!   It was a great experience and we are soooo happy that we found GMS!   

Bobbi K – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Attended GMS Golf Schools In Boca Raton, Florida on January 17, 2011
Email sent to GMS on January 20, 2011
“I Was Amazed By How Much I Actually Benefited By Taking The GMS Program!”

"I'll be Sure To Recommend Your Golf Program To My Friends!"


Dear Marc,

Just a quick email to let you know how much Yeoshua and I enjoyed our 3 day class. Quite frankly, even though Yeoshua spoke very highly about the Program, I was amazed by how much I actually benefited by taking the GMS program. I now feel that I have solid fundamentals to improve my game.

An added big plus was Sam, our instructor. He was great to work with and what a nice guy. You are fortunate to have him on your team.

I'll be sure to recommend your golf program to my friends.

Best regards,

Joel R. - Boca Raton, Florida
Attended GMS Golf Schools In Boca Raton, Florida on January 14, 2011
Email sent to GMS on January 17, 2011


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