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These Golfers Attended GMS Wanting To Break 100

“The GMS Lessons Were Simply Fabulous!”

Hi Alex,

Sue and I attended at the Innisbrook GMS facility last week and the lessons were simply fabulous.
Alan was terrific - patient, clear, enthusiastic, totally credible and it was a true pleasure to spend three days with him.
After speaking with Marc last year I was insistent we go this year and it was the right decision. The name of your golf school is apt. It is brilliant how you have broken the swing down and explained it so simply. We now know how to do it!
We now know when we are doing something right or wrong.
After the lessons I had 9 spectacular holes of golf where I made par on 5 of the 9 holes, which for me is a first.
I came in with a 45. For a guy who has struggled to break 100, that is a pretty excellent nine.
The whole program is a winner.
No longer a full time monkey, I will be in touch through the Golf Instructor for Life program.
Steve H - Creemore, Ontario
Attended Florida Golf Schools In Tampa - Golf Made Simple on
January 30, 2012 to February 1, 2012

Email sent to GMS on February 7, 2012
"I Feel So Much More Confident!"

Dear Jeff,

Following our GMS course with you in December, Stephen and I want to express how much we hugely enjoyed the whole three days. Not only was the GMS program well constructed and totally involving, but you were incredibly patient and more than helpful.
Your passion for the game was infectious and, although we had become a bit obsessed with golf before, we certainly are now.  I feel so much more confident approaching my fairway play and the short game. We will be back for more - perhaps the 1.5 level. 
Did I mention that it was lots of fun? Many, many thanks and all the very best.
Jillie D - Oxfordshire, England
Attended Golf Schools in Indian Wells, California by Golf Made Simple on
December 27, 2011 to December 29, 2011

Email sent to GMS on January 23, 2012
"The Best Golf Lesson I Ever Had In My Life!"


I had a great time during the whole course, and learned more than I ever thought that I could in 3 days.
Even though I thought I knew a lot about the golf swing and people's mistakes, I realized that things we hear and see in others are not entirely true. The golf lessons that were taught were for sure the best I ever had in my life.
I am absolutely sure that my scores will improve by following what was given to me in GMS.
Thank you GMS!
Telos L - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Attended Golf Schools in Indian Wells, California by Golf Made Simple on
January 6, 2012 to January 8, 2012

Email sent to GMS on January 23, 2012
"From 104+ To Low 90's!"

Hi Marc, 

Just a quick note to update you on my progress.  You suggested some pitching practice. I did a bit of that and practiced the drills and all of a sudden it began to come together.
I am getting the feel of a good golf swing.  I have improved my average score from 104+ to the mid to low nineties and feel that there is still room for improvement which I can accomplish.
We must remember the message of your instruction program - KISS (keep it simple stupid).  If you practice the drills and remember Tick Tock, there is no way that you will not have improvement in your score AND feel better about yourself and your game.
Thanks and regards,
Paul M - Seba Beach, Alberta, Canada
Attended on
September 9, 2011 to September 11, 2011

Email sent to GMS on January 17, 2012
"The Program Was Simple And Made So Much Sense!"

Hi Alex -

Barry & I just finished our first Golf Made Simple level one class and are so happy! The program was so simple & made so much sense! Now I know how to practice and why!
Barry was a decent golfer before the class, but couldn't hit his irons, now he hits them great! What an improvement in just three days!
Most importantly, I want to let you know what a wonderful instructor Chris is! I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. He is so knowledgeable and so enthusiastic and really loves teaching golf. He made everything so easy and really helped me gain confidence. 
One other thing I would like to compliment you on is your choice of hotel/ golf facility. The Coral Springs Marriot was very nice.
Once again, thank you & Marc for a great program and a great experience. I'm sure we'll be back to repeat level one later this year.
Deb B - Naples, Florida
Attended GMS Golf Schools In Boca Raton, Florida on
January 16, 2012 to January 18, 2012

Email sent to GMS on January 19, 2012
"I Shot 79 And Vonnie Broke 100 Twice!"

Hi Chris,

Just an email to say thanks from myself and my wife for a great time at the golf school.  Very informative, very enjoyable and just good fun. 
Our vacation is over and we are now back in Cairo ready to put in the practice. I must admit I was expecting just a golf pill - but you did much better than that and you also have now shown us how to correctly practice.
Just for the records ... Vonnie did break 100 twice before we left Florida and I had a 79 as well ... so your tuition seems to work in the USA ... so this week we will see if it works internationally!!
Will keep you updated with progress and trust all goes well with you for 2012. Will we come back again? Probably yes ... will we recommend it to people in our golf club?? Certainly "NOT"!! We wouldn't have any advantage then would we ...
Take care,
Jim & Vonnie B - Cairo, Egypt
Attended GMS Golf Schools In Boca Raton, Florida on
January 6, 2012 to January 8, 2012

Email sent to GMS on January 15, 2012
"The 3 Days Exceeded My Expectations!"

Hello Alex and Happy New Year,

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you and everybody else at GMS for the great time I had last week: the 3 days exceeded my expectations and even the weather was absolutely perfect!
Scott is a great pro and really made us feel at ease and was very clear in instructing us following the GMS method: please thank him again on my behalf, as it was a real pleasure to work with him.
The match with Joop was also perfect, both from a golfing and personal perspective: it was an added bonus to share the experience with a person so similar to myself and we both have one more friend/golf buddy now!
We are planning to repeat the experience, maybe around April: I'm sure we will have time to talk about it - Scott told us that other people repeat the course, but I also saw on the website that there is a GMS 1.5 - that could also be very interesting!
Thanks again and I'm sure we will be in touch in the future for more instruction in Spain or in the US!
Best Regards,
Davide G - Alessandria, Italy
Attended Alicante, Spain - GMS Golf School Location on
December 27, 2011 to December 29, 2011

Email sent to GMS on January 2, 2012
"The First Time I Broke 100!"

Hi Alex,

How are you? I just finished your golf school in Boca Raton yesterday, and staying in Orlando now.
I played golf today and for the first time I broke 100! I recorded a 98. If it were not for your lesson, I am pretty sure that I could not break 100 today.
Please tell Hayden that I broke 100 today, and I appreciate his help. Besides, it was my first game after your program.
Thank you so much!!
Best regards,
Sejoong L - Korea
Attended Palm Coast, Florida - GMS Golf School Location on
December 19, 2011 to December 21, 2011

Email sent to GMS on December 22, 2011
"My Club Awarded Me Most Improved Player"

Hi Marc, 

I took your course out in La Quinta in March 2011 with Alan Brennan. Since GMS, my game improved so much that my club awarded me as the "Most Improved Player" last week.
I went from Group 3 to Group 1 in nine months! It just seems to be getting better and better.
Dianne G - Long Beach, California
Attended Golf Schools in Indian Wells, California by Golf Made Simple on
March 21, 2011 to March 23, 2011

Email sent to GMS on December 18, 2011
"You Definitely Delivered!"

Hi Chris,

I wanted to write and say a huge thank you for the golf tuition. We both found the course to be perfect for us, you really did deliver a teaching method that is effective and without doubt is a great foundation for our continued learning and practice.
We are both fully aware that even more benefit comes from the practice that we put in from here on in. Just be aware that you definitely delivered your part of the deal and we are both truly thankful.
Thanks again,
Garry F - Glasgow, Scotland
Attended GMS Golf Schools In Boca Raton, Florida on
December 9, 2011 to December 11, 2011

Email sent to GMS on December 14, 2011


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