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Lake Tahoe, California

Golf Instruction Dates in the Lake Tahoe area

The Whitehawk Ranch Golf Club

Lake Tahoe Golf Course

3-Day Programs in 2017:

$1335 | 1 Golfer - GMS Program (Accommodations not included)
$1815 | 1 Golfer - GMS Program Including 3 nights Accommodations
$1580 | 2 Golfers - GMS Program Including 3 nights Accommodations (per Golfer) 



September 2017

Friday, September 1, 2017 to Sunday, September 3, 2017
Friday, September 8, 2017 to Sunday, September 10, 2017
Monday, September 11, 2017 to Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Friday, September 15, 2017 to Sunday, September 17, 2017
Monday, September 18, 2017 to Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Friday, September 22, 2017 to Sunday, September 24, 2017
Monday, September 25, 2017 to Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Friday, September 29, 2017 to Sunday, October 1, 2017

Program Includes

There are many reasons why the "30 minute, once a week golf lesson" can not come close to helping your golf swing like a 3 Day GMS Program. First, the simple fact of having the ability to work with your Instructor over a longer period of time is essential to seeing golf swing improvements that stick.

If you took a poll from Golfers that have taken a 30 minute lesson and asked what is the #1 disappointment pertaining to the golf lesson ... the #1 answer would be "my improvements didn't stick when I tried it without my Instructor".

With the process that GMS uses ... you will see swift improvements, and through repetition, those improvements will stick because we will help you to feel your golf swing. This extra time with your Instructor allows us to get deep into your golf swing so that you understand what causes your bad shots so that you can fix your golf swing within one swing ... as opposed to suffering through another 7 or 8 holes collecting double bogies and frustration.

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If we can give you some important advice: one thing that is absolutely essential to improving your golf swing, is the process of going from working with your Instructor on the practice area in the morning ... to having the Instructor then take you onto the golf course for 6 holes of On-course Instruction each afternoon.

This is how the PGA/LPGA Tour Players do it with their coaches ... and it is the way that you should be doing it also.

Not just 1 or 2 holes ... it's 6 holes of On-course Instruction. Anyone can play well for 1 or 2 holes ... however, we want to see how well your golf swing holds up for 6 holes. Thus, we will have an even better understanding of what needs to be worked on the next day.

We're not just helping you with improving your driving range swing ... we're helping you improve your golf course swing!

Personalization is the key to successful golf instruction. This is not just any golf swing you're trying to improve ... this is your golf swing ... so personalization is crtical. With GMS limiting each date to only four Golfers, it allows us to personalize our Instruction to each person.

In addition, you may be surprised with how much one on one time you receive from the Instructor each day. Thus you will have personal time with your Instructor to really work on your swing. Unfortunately, one of the biggest misconceptions Golfers have is that absolute one on one Instruction is the best way to learn. Actually, it can be the worst experience for you because often times the Instructor will be guilty of "over teaching".

As most Golfers would agree - when we're playing badly ... we often have too many things in our swing that we're thinking about. This often happens with "over teaching".

With GMS - we have a system in place that assures that you will have more personal Instruction with your Instructor than you expect ... but not anymore than you need.

Every Golfer needs a PLAN in order to see improvement with their golf swing and overall golf game. Improvement doesn’t happen just because you learned a few swing mechanics during a golf lesson and then went to the driving range to hit golf balls using those new swing mechanics.

Improvement is made once you have a PLAN to implement those improvements, as well as an understanding of exactly how to practice so those results stick. Most Golfers fail to see improvements stick after taking a normal golf lesson. Why? Because there was no PLAN on how to implement those improvements besides just “hitting a lot of golf balls at the driving range”.

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Does a PGA or LPGA Tour Player spend three days working with their Instructor then go home and think they have got it and that they'll never need help again? Of course not! After working with their Instructor for three days ... they remain in contact with their Instructor through email and phone calls to make sure improvements stick.

GMS believes you should have the same opportunities. Think of if this way: the Tour Players are fantastic Golfers and can probably figure out the issues in their golf swing easier than you can ... yet, they still need help from their Instructor using email and phone calls. Wouldn’t you think you would need the same?

Yes, the Instructor For Life Program is included with your 3 Day GMS Program Read More

We have taken our golf school insights and drills and put them on a Player Page for you! Your page lists all the Swing Drills you will use in your GMS On-site Program, how to do the drills, and why you should continue to do each drill. It also includes all the Putting Drills that you will be using to improve and to smooth out your putting stroke. This will also be a place for your notes from your Green Reading session, and, let me assure you, our Green Reading Program goes way above and beyond just squatting down to see the contours of the green; this is much more advanced than that!

As the majority of Golfers are traveling to see us for 3 days, we have situated our golf program at resorts with hotels on property or very close to the golf course. We have also worked with the hotels to offer us special pricing that we have used to create a GMS Package that includes 3 nights of accommodations.

Yet, if you would like to make your own arrangements ... we certainly welcome you to do so. Thus, we offer the GMS Program to you without accommodations. Whichever you choose, I can assure you that GMS is going to be the best thing you have ever done for your golf game.

During your GMS Program, you already have 9 holes of On-course Instruction each day. However, after the 9 holes of On-course Instruction, you are welcome to continue playing an additional 9 holes if you are still up to it.

While the 9 holes of On-course Instruction is a definite each day ... these additional 9 holes are dependent upon daylight and GMS location. However, I assure you, that even if you do not play 9 additional holes - you already have 6+ hours of Instruction including the 9 holes of On-course Instruction each day. This is usually more than enough golf for most people!

(The availability of the additional 9 Holes depend on available daylight, weather conditions, as well as course availability. Please note - Denver and Sotogrande require additional fee at golf course for extra 9 holes)

One of the most important parts of learning is taking a nice break where you can let your mind relax and take in all that you have learned. You will go to the clubhouse at the golf course, sit down and have lunch with your Instructor.

At GMS we believe: “When You Succeed in Golf ... We Succeed in Golf!”

Thus, it's in our best interest that you are hitting the golf ball better than ever. We want you hitting the golf ball so well ... that your friends are impressed with how much better you are swinging. Thus, we are going to do everything we can to make this happen for you.

This is why GMS has grown to having over 1,400 Golfers in 2013 travel to see us for our 3 day program. They have come to see us because they know GMS works ... they have seen the improvements in their own golf swings and the golf swings of their friends, colleagues and other Golfers they have met on the golf course that swear by GMS!

Dates are scheduled for September - please call or email us for information

1-888-580-3635 (Toll Free in US)

1-888-580-3633 (Toll Free in Canada)

1-904-460-8355 (International)

Email -

We're by our phones from 7:30 AM til 7:30 PM (Eastern Standard Time) everyday to speak with you.

Or you can email us anytime with your telephone number and the most convenient time to call you. We know you're busy and want to make this process as simple as we can for you.

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Toll Free in US & Canada 1.888.580.3635 | International 001.904.460.8355

All Dates Are Limited To 4 Golfers

There Are NEVER More Than 4 Golfers In Class


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